Fasten an aluminum fly screen with metal clamps on the window

A fly grille of Alu is in many cases an elegant and practical solution. The frame is built autonomously and can be attached to the frame of the window with simple sheet metal tabs. Constructions can be used to buy and customize individually or are also completely easy to build from aluminum profiles and corner elements.

Own construction, partial own construction and finished acquisition

One of the best materials for a frame in which a fly grid is stretched is aluminum. The construction can be easily fixed by four clamping tabs made of sheet metal angles in the window frame or the loafing. So the fly screen can be fastened without drilling or sticking, which is a big advantage especially for rental sites.

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The frame can be purchased as a plug-in kit in the following variants:

  • Already tailored to the order specified in the order
  • As a universal frame, which is subsequently adapted itself

A more expensive version are frames with a telescopic technique that can be pushed into the desired dimension and are reusable.

With a complete self-construction, the following components must be acquired:

  • Four aluminum profiles, of which two each have the same length (width and height)
  • Holding profiles that can be stuck on or in the frame
  • Four corner connectors, which are plugged in or placed as angle
  • Four sheet metal bottles with resilient effects
  • Optionally, felt feet to protect sensitive window frames from scratching

A metal saw and ideally a miter block make the blanks easy. Attention must be paid attention to, as gaps in the edges minimize the sense of a fly grid.

Clamp the fly screen

When cropping the fly grid should always be worked with overhang of two or three centimeters. Only after clamping and fixing with the holding profiles with a cutter or wallpaper meter, the fly screen is precisely tailored.

In the following animation, a manufacturer shows examples of how an aluminum frame is built up for attaching tension springs. The operating principle can also be used
self-built fly grid.

Tips & Tricks If you do not find a satisfying solution regarding the holding profiles, you can also attach the fly screen in an aluminum frame easily with double-sided adhesive tape.