A tree house colorful and permanently painted

Frequently, children want a striking and colorful painting when a tree house is created. When planning, it should also be considered that the taste can change quickly and in the future can expire the interest quite. If the tree house is to be preserved for a long time, a traceability in naturalness is desirable.

Planning criteria

In general, a tree house can in principle be designed in any color. Several requirements and thoughts help both aesthetically and technically when planning:

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  • Should the wood be covered (lacquer) or should the grain continue to be visible (glaze)?
  • If the visual conspicuousness changes significantly, which leads to objection from the neighbors?
  • Can be dispensed with chemicals and solvents when used by children?
  • What type of wood (possibly pretreated) is the construction made of?
  • Should the tree house be returned to its "natural" state later?
  • How long should the paint last or how often should it be renewed??
  • Are there color restrictions due to the local development plan?
  • There is direct contact with parts of the plant (tree trunk, foliage)?

Limit painting to vertical outer surfaces

Two components should be kept out of the plan of the optically oriented painting as far as possible. The roof of a playhouse or tree house and the treads on ladder rungs, platforms, platforms and access stairs.

Technical protection is the focus on these areas. Moisture and precipitation must be kept away and the risk of slipping excluded. Smooth acrylic coatings for walking and standing areas are unsuitable. The roof made of sheet metal (pay attention to the volume), roofing felt (€ 16.48 at Amazon *) or clapboard is barely visible or not visible.

The supporting substructure of a stilt house can easily be painted like the outer walls. For the tree house in the garden, it is advisable to subtly adapt the stilt substructure to the surrounding color (brownish, greenish).

Type of wood and primer

Of course, the selection of the right color types depends primarily on the material of the tree house. A playhouse made of pallets is weatherproof with a different color than a log house made of pine or oak.

When assembling a kit, similar to building a garden shed, it can also be painted prior to assembly. Priming or impregnation in advance is often practical. A colored top coat can then be applied in the later assembled state.

Tips & Tricks Even if your young children want screaming colors on the garden shed, you should not underestimate the aesthetic effect of combined signal colors. Glazes "scream " to a lesser extent. Perhaps you can enable some of the most extreme color requests with temporary blinds or textile aids to keep the tree house in a more natural state.