Fasten a tree house with suitable screws and mount

The demands on the screws for a tree house must meet several factors. The cross section must be designed for the load. Weather influences must not affect the screws. The growth of the tree should be minor and disturbed as far as possible. Of course, corrosion and stainless

Bolt or special screw

To ensure a permanent and reliable attachment of a tree house at the tree, a few but efficient steel screws are the best material. For anchoring two screw connection options are available:

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1. The trunk (or AST) is completely, mostly horizontal, pierced. The screw is carried out like a bolt and secured at the exit side with a nut.

2. A special tree house screw is driven in the trunk. The diameter of the stem must be at least thirty centimeters.

Features and metal species

Steel is compatible with tree wood. Sheathed screws must have a coating that is not vulnerable when penetrating and turning. Unsuitable are coppered and galvanized metals. They react with the wood and cause "smoldering " wounds.

As for a tree house on stilts should be chosen for every tree house in the garden stainless steel. This not only applies to the anchoring screws, but also to all fixing points in the construction of the platform, walls, roof and access. Not all stainless steel is "automatically" rustproof.

It is better to partially screw it in than drive it through completely

When planning the tree house, partial screw connections should be preferred to the fully driven bolts. When the heartwood is exposed there is always a risk of rot from within. The tree does not close the hole channel.

A screw that is partially screwed in about eight inches is considered an artificial branch by the tree. In the course of time, it begins to "surround" this new branch as it grows. The wood substance begins to wrap around the screw. The stability increases. For this purpose, a kind of biological "sealing" is used on the tree. This closes the potential entry openings for organic pests such as spores and for moisture.

Tips & Tricks When screwing, always think about the static properties that occur with the screw in a changing environment. The trunk of a non-mature tree increases in size. Give your construction appropriate tolerances.