Construct a free-standing tree house without a tree

At first glance, it sounds like a contradiction in terms to build a tree house without a tree. In practice, it is often a stilt construction resembling a tree. For example, they can be inserted into groups of trees as an artificial tree. Freestanding stilt houses that tower over the surrounding treetops are also popular.

Why the tree house is called that even without a tree

The trees are not on every property where they can be used to construct and secure a tree house. As an alternative, a tree house can also be set up free-standing in the garden. In terms of construction, the non-existing tree trunk is replaced by a beam substructure. This tree house on stilts is also known as a tree house for several reasons:

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  • The slender substructure with the house on top resembles a trunk with a crown
  • Placed between trees, the house hugs the wooded look
  • Cross-fasteners with beams, wires or ropes at neighboring trees are possible

Building law

Similar to "real " tree houses, the commitment to the building permit of several factors depends. Especially when building a stilt house, the type and anchoring on the ground comes as a decisive feature.

While simply "staked " playgrounds are usually evaluated as temporary buildings or towers, they are mostly licensed. With any intervention in the ground such as the digging and sinking of support pillars or the laying and sealing with a foundation, a building permit for the stilt house is often obligatory.

Construction-specific properties of the treeless tree house

The following construction technical properties distinguishes the conventional tree house of a releasing stilt house:

  • The support load acts on the floor, which must be attached accordingly
  • Lateral push and pull forces must be absorbed by the substructure
  • Depending on the weather, the floor can be subject to strong fluctuations in stability
  • The higher the center of gravity, the more susceptible to wind the construction becomes
  • The visibility is increased in winter times by the surrounding deciduous trees
Tips & Tricks Remember to coordinate your tree house construction with your neighbors. You should clarify not only the appearance of the construction itself, but also the possibility of viewing the neighboring property and the noise pollution when using it.