Plan a tree house in six steps

The attractive on a tree house is the harmonious insertion in grown trees. Therefore, there is any basis for planning in the inspection and evaluation of a suitable mounting location. If the vegetation does not offer suitable space, it can also be thought about stilts with solid soil conditions.

Six planning steps to the tree house

1. Set location

No tree house is similar to the other, where free-standing stilt houses form an exception. But even at the tree house without a tree, you should consider the growth of the surrounding trees and plants.
To place a tree house in the garden, seek thick tribes preferably of deciduous trees like beech, oak, ash, pasture, chestnut or linden. Coniferous trees such as spruce, pine and fir can serve as "Columns " for attaching a platform. On deciduous trees are outwardly growing asst forks the ideal support.

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2. Set size and function

Depending on the projection and size of the tree, the floor plan of the platform, the "house floor " can be set. Excerpts are possible. A rectangular beam construction as a basic support equipment serves to lay down the later bottom boards.

3. Check building law situation

With the photographed potential location, ask the responsible building office whether a building permit is required, at this time you should already answer the questions about the type of use (games, living) and size.

4. Obtain the consent of neighbors

With any visibility of the tree house and the possible insight from the tree house on the neighboring property, you should definitely inform the neighbors. Possible later conflicts almost always end with a reconstruction of their tree house.

5. Plan for attachments and anchors

Depending on the trees and growth shape, they can be placed on fasteners and anchors, screwed and / or hanging. Try to find solutions that cause as few injuries as possible in living wood. Steel ropes can be used, for example, good to branches and tribes.

6. Shop shopping and checking tool

Sketch your tree house and create a list of the required material. Think of the tool check also on climbs like scaffolding, ladder and podium.

Tips & Tricks If you are planning a stilt house or partial auxiliary attachments on the ground, also think of the material and tool for the foundation.