Build a tree house to live in

If the construction of the tree house is specifically geared towards the later permanent and permanent occupation, other building regulations apply than for leisure and play buildings. A tree house has the advantage of being able to "hide" on large plots. This means that local development plans can be circumvented if necessary.

Complex approval situation

When it comes to building and erecting inhabited space in Germany, planning by laypeople is not sufficient in most cases. A compulsory building permit, which is also required for the similar stilt houses, includes many complex requirements.

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In addition to connections to public networks such as gas, sewer, electricity and water, security plays a major role. Depending on the construction of the tree house in the garden, water and nature protection can also have legal relevance. Regulations on insulation and energy efficiency according to the Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV) are no exception for a tree house.

Requirements for a habitable tree house

A fundamental question is whether the tree house serves more or less as a pure sleeping place and whether other properties that count for living are covered by a main building, for example. Therefore, the following questions should be answered when planning:

  • Are network connections to gas, electricity and water required??
  • External sanitary facilities can be reached quickly and at any time?
  • Should a complete overwintering by heating be possible?
  • If the food is prepared in the tree house?
  • Are self-sufficient supply systems possible (bottled gas, generator, solar power)?
  • Surface sealing on the ground (stilts) is required for the construction?
  • Is burglar protection provided by lockable windows and doors?
  • Are the weather influences controlled in every season of the year (roof waterproofing?
  • Is the construction of the platform permanently reliable even if the trees continue to grow??
  • What happens if the ownership of the property changes?

Effort and costs

Professional planning and implementation of a tree house for living must be calculated with labor costs and material with costs in the medium to high five-digit range. Three months in summer are a realistic guideline for the construction time.

Tips & Tricks When planning a tree house for living, also think about accessibility if there are temporary or permanent physical restrictions. Older grandparents and youngsters with arms or legs in a cast cannot use a rope ladder.