Mechanically clean a concrete block pavement

There is hardly a cleaning object and a surface that is better suited for the use of a high-pressure cleaner than concrete paving stones. The insensitivity of the plaster allows intensive cleaning that mechanically removes organic soiling such as moss and spores without the use of chemical aids.

Concrete pavement is robust and insensitive

Although some counselors warn against the use of a high-pressure cleaner on concrete stoning, the device is one of the best tools for this project. If the concrete can be damaged by the hot water, he is not okay. The following motto applies to use: with low pressure and as hot water as possible thoroughly and slow.

Almost all typical organic contamination can be removed by:

  • Algae
  • weave
  • Green span
  • moss
  • Spores

As an alternative to cumshot, the evaporation with a steam cleaner is possible. Especially with polluted joints, he acts mechanically gentler and still kills the causes. In addition, boiling water can be poured into the joints to kill all organic deposits. Also brushes and scrubbing on the paving surfaces helps.

Additional methods and means may be required for the following types of contamination:

  • Efflorescence
  • Fatty substances (oil)
  • Rubber abrasion (tires)

Efflorescence usually produces light to white spots. Use hot water with soda (about one tablespoon of soda per liter of water) to scrub and then rinse thoroughly with clean water.

For greasy stains such as engine oil, gall soap is the ideal and environmentally friendly brush and scrubbing agent of choice. On very smooth concrete surfaces, a sponge can be used instead of a brush or scrubber.
If a relatively large amount of oil has hit the concrete pavement, it makes sense to first absorb it with absorbent substances and thin it out. The following aids help:

  • Small animal litter
  • Paper towels
  • sawdust
  • Cornstarch

Special case of cement veil

If it is a concrete block pavement with a smooth surface, cement film can settle on the surfaces during installation and grouting. It can be easily wiped off with lemon water during the important initial cleaning.

Tips & Tricks Of course, you should sweep the pavement thoroughly before cleaning and brush coarse dirt such as pebbles out of the joints. Dried-on foreign matter such as chewing gum or glue residue can be made brittle with ice spray and then easily removed.