Attach a fly screen to your own frame

When a fly screen is to be attached to the frame, there are several forms of construction. The material wood, plastic or metal plays a role here. The options range from gluing to clamping to nailing, screwing, plugging and stapling. Unlike when attaching to a window or wall, the fly screen and the frame do not form a fixed unit.

Permanent or separable attachment

If a fly screen is given its own frame to be installed in front of a window or as a protective door, the grille and frame can be permanently connected to one another or a separable construction can be selected. In the case of doors, a folding function with hinges is usually used, which move a rigid frame and thus make a separable connection superfluous.

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Fixed connections

If a frame is placed as a complete insect screen in front of a window or door, the insect screen can be fixed permanently and immovably using the following methods:

  • Inserted between frame strips
  • Fixed in a profile with a clamping strip
  • Glued, nailed, screwed

Separable connections

In order to be able to remove the fly screen from the frame, the following options are possible:

  • Fasten with Velcro
  • Fasten with magnet

Magnetic tapes or point connections are possible with magnets. With strong magnets (neodymium) very small and almost invisible point connections can be realized.

Materials and the common fastening methods

When a fly screen is attached to aluminum, aluminum profile strips are usually used. There is a groove in them, into which the fly screen is inserted and clamped with a fixing strip. Alternatively, screwing is also possible.

Frames made of wood are usually designed as double frames, which can also be easily built by yourself. The fly screen is stretched between the two frames. Stapling is sufficient for fixing. The construction method automatically hides the brackets. In terms of construction, wood is the most flexible material.

The type of fastening is specified for plastic frames. The profiles are often comparable to aluminum profile strips and have a similar circumferential clamping groove.

Tips & Tricks You can glue almost any fly screen to the frame for rigid connections. This works with all materials. Pay attention to the weather resistance of the adhesive, especially the UV resistance. Suitable double-sided adhesive tapes are also possible.