Attach a fly screen to a wooden window

Wooden windows tempt you to screw on a fly screen with metal brackets. Fastening in this way, however, creates holes that many landlords do not allow. A later filling with wood putty is possible, but an attachment without drilling and screwing is always the better alternative. Dimensional accuracy is an important criterion.

Permanent fixation is recommended for property

On a wooden window in an owner-occupied home, it is advisable to firmly fix permanent, high-quality fly screens made of metal, for example. They are designed for a service life of at least ten years. Stronger variants also deter small animals such as rodents and pets. As with all other frame materials, fastening without drilling is recommended for rental items.

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The following fastening options are available, for which a suitable coating of the wooden window forms the required basis:

  • Glue mosquito nets after applying a durable varnish to the wooden window
  • Glue or screw a metal band to the wood and attach the fly screen with a magnet
  • Glue a hook tape to the wood and fasten the fly screen with Velcro tape

Seal edge joints with an elastic seal

A mosquito net stretched on an aluminum frame can be clamped with sheet metal straps like in any other window. A special feature is the dimensional accuracy of the wooden frame. Wood is a living material and even after years it warps easily when it is affected by moisture, moisture and temperature fluctuations.

In the case of wooden windows, this effect can best be read from the ease or difficulty of movement, which changes over the course of the seasons and weather changes. If a frame with a fly screen is used, wood should never be used. In order to prevent joints and slits at the edges, the following sealing constructions are helpful in order to close the passage for insects:

Door brush seal

The door brush seals normally used on the lower gaps in the door can be ideally misused on a fly screen with an aluminum frame. Fasten all around to the outer edge of the frame.

Rubber lips

Rubber lips have a similar effect, as are available in sanitary shops for shower cubicles.


The elastic sealant sticks between the wooden window and the fly screen frame and can sometimes be difficult to remove later.

Tips & Tricks Depending on the look and appearance of your wooden windows, you can choose aluminum frames and profiles in aesthetically appropriate colors. Beige or brown elements usually go better than metallic or white surfaces.