Build a fly screen for a roof window yourself

With a fly screen for a roof window, the type of construction depends on the type of movement of the window type. If the inclined window has a setting that can be opened on one side, building an insect screen yourself is no problem. With models that can only be moved in the central axis, things get tricky.

Frame with removable fly screen

The simplest way to protect a roof window against the ingress of insects is a frame attached from the inside with a fixed fly screen. It can be placed on the slope or anchored in the reveal. In principle, all types of construction come into consideration here that can also be built for vertical "normal " windows.

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Roof windows with adjustable one-sided folding direction at the upper end of the window can be closed with a curtain frame. In order to get to the window, a flexible fastening of the fly screen is recommended. The following variants can be quickly removed and reattached:

  • Fasten the fly screen with Velcro tape
  • Attach the fly screen with a magnet
  • Fly screen in the form of a roller blind with lateral vertical running rails

Frames or elastics

The frame can be made from aluminum profiles or wooden strips. It should overlap by about two centimeters when it is placed on the sloping wall. Precise measurement must be carried out beforehand for assembly in the reveal.

The hook or magnetic tapes onto which the fly screen is attached are glued to the frame. A slight reinforcement of the grid at the edges with thin strips, profiles or wire, which is covered on one side with adhesive tape on the visible side, gives the grid the necessary rigidity.

If a skylight can only be folded on the central axis, a more complicated construction must be devised. A sturdy net is provided with eyelets at the corners and edges. These should be placed about five centimeters apart and two centimeters away from the end of the net in order to avoid tearing. A corresponding number of hooks are installed in the reveal. The mosquito net, which is generously dimensioned like a "sack ", can be fixed with elastic bands according to the window position.

Tips & Tricks Since a roof window usually also needs shade, it is often useful to choose a dark fly screen. With roller blinds, a double construction can be the most comfortable solution. However, it is only feasible for skilled craftsmen or for relatively high prices.