Attach a fly screen inside or outside

If a fly screen is to be mounted, the question of the cheaper and more practical placement often arises. The attachment inside or outside has the pros and cons. In some cases, the location is determined by the design form of the frame of windows and door. Fixed installation or removable is another indicator.

Stop direction of the windows and doors

In some cases, there is no choice between the sides where a fly screen must be attached. Exception represents an own framework-banned fly screen that can be used in principle on each side.

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Typical decision criterion is on windows that they can be opened as without removal as possible. In the case of inward-swinging sashes, assembly from the outside is logical and vice versa.

If an inward-swinging house or patio door is to be protected, attachment frames with insect screens are recommended. They form a kind of independent second door that can be moved itself.

The type of window and the frame make conditions

When mosquito nets are attached to wooden windows, the procedure can be different than with aluminum or plastic frames. The grids can be fixed in different ways with wood. In the case of metal and plastic, an adhesive solution usually has to be found.

It is the same for all clamping constructions in a frame that the order or the thickness of the brackets must not be much stronger than the fly screen itself. The following techniques are possible as fastening methods:

  • Gluing with tape or glue
  • Pull in Velcro and counter tape
  • Mount the magnetic frame and counter metal band

Hanging frames are also available in stores, which are custom-made and snap into hooks, eyes and angles.

In the case of bonded constructions, the resistance of the adhesive or the adhesive coating must be taken into account. No adhesive may be used that develops its adhesive strength through evaporation, for example from solvents. If the rays of the sun regularly heat the adhesive points, sooner or later these adhesives lose their adhesive strength.

Tips & Tricks In many cases, an elegant and practical solution are sash frames with mosquito nets that can be opened laterally on rails attached to the top and bottom. They hardly take up any space and are ideal for use on the panoramic windows on the terrace facing the garden.