Attach a fly screen with a magnet to the inside of the window

In many cases, magnetic tapes are the most beneficial solution for installing a fly screen that can be removed quickly at any time. In addition to all-round fastening, the straps can also be ideal for closing a passage in open nets that hang like curtains. Strong magnets can do even more.

Magnetic tapes are versatile

Self-adhesive magnetic tapes are commercially available, which can be processed very easily to a holder for a fly screen. Fastening a fly screen with a magnet is one of the most popular ways to install an insect screen that can be removed at any time.

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Magnetic force is not only good for securing the frame of the mosquito net. Magnets can also be used to close open passages and insect screens can be constructed without rigid frames.

Practical fields of application

Magnets can take on a variety of functions. As a closure of hinged fly screens in frames, they seal the insect repellent. Roller blinds can also be held in place with magnets, or simple fly screens and mosquito nets can be hung up and tightly attached at the edges.

The self-adhesive magnetic tapes are available in hardware stores and specialist shops in widths between two and five centimeters in almost any color. They are used to attach mosquito nets without drilling. On metal frames, there is even no need to glue the window or door frame.

Special solutions with strong magnets

The field of use is also expanded with strong magnets. So-called neodymium magnets can carry large loads even in the smallest dimensions. In this way, very large insect screens can be fixed in a sufficiently stable manner with just a few magnetic point fastenings.

Neodymium magnets are also offered as magnetic tape and have about four times more magnetic force than conventional magnets. This property allows, for example, heavy metal fly screens to be detachably mounted. Fly screens made of wire mesh or perforated metal also keep small animals and pets away.

Fly screens are available in a wide range

Fly screens have different properties that allow universal use in many places. The following factors, together with strong magnets, allow the choice of uses to grow significantly:

  • Mesh size and thus light and air flow
  • Durability or service life
  • Opaqueness
  • Weather and weather resistance
  • Corrosion behavior (with metal variants)
  • Protection against UV rays
Tips & Tricks Magnetic tapes not only provide optimal hold for fly screens. You can choose tapes that can be labeled and use the waste, for example, as labels or holding magnets for pin boards, on metal shelves or on refrigerator fronts.