Fasten a fly screen with a magnet continuously or selectively

There are two approaches to attaching a fly screen with a magnet. The grid or net is held in place with magnetic tape. The second variant consists of point connections, which consist of powerful small neodymium magnets. Few magnets, which are smaller than a one euro piece, hold the frame without any problems.

Magnetic tapes are the most common

In many cases, people think of magnetic tape assembly first when they think of attaching a fly screen. These tapes are also known from loosely falling mosquito nets, in which they seal the passage slot.

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They are extremely easy to process during assembly. They can easily be glued to the frame and the side edges of the fly screen. The only problem can be the adhesion to the substrate, for example if inferior plastic or improperly treated wood is pasted.

Point connections with neodymium magnets

Small magnets with strong magnetic force are called neodymium. Instead of a magnetic tape, they can be used as point fixings. The following prerequisites must be created for this:

  • The edge of the fly screen must be reinforced so that the screen does not "bulge "
  • The surrounding ends of the fly screen must lie flat on the surface to ensure that it is insect-proof
  • The magnets can either be sewn into the fly screen or placed on the frame or mounting base
  • Small iron-containing metal plates are sufficient to hold the magnets in place

Invisible and recessed magnetic holder

If fly screens are to be attached to wooden windows, an innovative solution can be considered. In the case of residential property, sunken neodymium magnets can carry a fly screen that has been stored in the meantime every season.

Several neodymium magnets are used in small drill holes. A disc magnet with a diameter of ten millimeters and a height of five millimeters can hold up to 3.3 kilograms. To counteract, small metal plates are glued or sewn to the edges of the fly screen or its frame.

This type of inconspicuous bracket when the fly screen is removed is particularly easy to attach to the inside of the window.

Tips & Tricks When using strong magnets, consider the electromagnetic effect. Modern smartphones and IT technology are safe. However, you should store chip cards (ID, bank, driver's license, etc.).) of any kind not in the vicinity of neodymium.