Attach a fly screen without drilling or screws

There are three methods of attaching a fly screen without drilling. Frames with clamping lugs can be clamped in window frames or soffits. The solutions with Velcro or magnetic tape belong to the group of adhesive connections. Direct and firm gluing is possible, but can hardly be removed without damage in winter.

Flexible fasteners refer to the fly screen

There are three methods to fasten a fly screen without having to drill:

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1. Clamp with sheet metal bottles or springs
2. Apply a holding technology with adhesive tapes
3. Glue directly to the subsoil

Contrary to a common opinion, the use of Velcro or the use of a magnet always means gluing. The flexibility of the attachment refers only to the fly grid itself.

An exception without gluing the fly grid is when an iron-containing body exists around a window or a door. Old door frames sometimes have this property. In this case, the frame of the fly screen can be hung directly "like a pin board" in front of or behind the building opening.

Clamping method with frame

The only way to fix a fly screen with a frame without drilling is the clamp solution. Elastic sheet metal straps or springs are attached to the frame. They create tension between the window, reveal or door and in this way hold the insect screen frame.

Velcro and magnetic fastenings

For Velcro and magnetic mountings, an appropriate adhesive tape must always be applied to the window, reveal or door. With the Velcro tape, the hook tape is the basis and with the magnetic tape the counterpart for the counterpart on the edge of the fly screen. When the fly screen is removed, these tapes are always left behind. It is therefore advisable to place them in such a way that they are barely visible or not visible when the grid is assumed.

Fix tightening and permanently fix

Only in individual cases is a fixed gluing useful. For example, if small skylights and skylight windows are permanently protected by a fly grid where inspection and optics do not matter, a fixed fixing is effective. Conventional windows only need a few months of flying and mosquito protection. For doors the fixed gluing is not possible.

Tips & Tricks with strong magnets (neodyme) or with second glue you can construct very small breakpoints. The high holding force of both variants allow stable fasteners with only four fixing points.