Build a shed so that it is burglar-proof

A tool shed doesn't necessarily have to be an aesthetic marvel. Its functionality is in the foreground. It is designed to protect valuable devices from moisture, dirt and unauthorized access. When setting up, these aspects are the focus. It is not very important whether this is a free construction or a kit construction.

Advantages when building in the field of vision

Ease of access is important for a tool shed, which at the same time offers sufficient security. Therefore, the location should be carefully considered when setting up. If the tool shed or tool shed is placed near the main building, it can be integrated, for example, into the monitoring field of motion detectors (€ 8.43 at Amazon *) n.

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Good places are, for example, on the wall of a garage. Also as a side outbuilding near a terrace, the device shapes or the device house is practically usable. Ebereism is an important factor in order to be able to easily move heavy and bulky devices such as lawnmowers.


Who plans a device shaped self, has the selection between wooden and steel sheet variants. Both can be purchased as a kit or create themselves in their own. The floor should be attached as far as possible. A foundation on the whole area gives the appliances, ensures lightweight moving and rolling and preventing the sand and dust penetrating in moving parts.

For access are a folding door with stop, a roller door or a sliding door possible. Ideally, the device house has a ventilation, as many garden tools like lawnmowers are often wet after use. In order to increase the safety against theft and burglary, the following details recommend:

  • Do not use windows or door inserts (also acrylic glass) that increase as potential vulnerabilities
  • Surround or sunk the door lock with cuff or sunk to prevent the turning with a heavy pliers
  • Bringing outwardly showing fittings with covers such as sheets or boards
  • In case of folding doors, concrete the doorwire area, tiles or at least well compress
  • When building a door, avoid a heel and create ground level
Tips & Tricks Your device center may look unobtrusively or even elegant from the outside. The new and fancy it works, the sooner it attracts potential thieves that promise fat loot inside.