Cleaning and sealing a glass roof and tips on this

Covering the terrace or winter garden with a glass roof is a fine thing, but only if it is a well-cleaned and sealed glass roof that offers you a beautiful view.

Correct cleaning of a glass roof as a basis

In order to be able to carry out the sealing, the glass roof must of course first be cleaned thoroughly, which is usually the same as when cleaning the window. A glass roof is relatively sensitive because it offers a target for dirt and weather influences. Even the smallest dirt is unpleasant. It is therefore important to clean the glass roof regularly, usually around two to four times a year. Before sealing, you must also clean it well.

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Cleaning the glass roof before sealing

Cleaning can be done easily with water and detergent. If the dirt is stubborn, you can also use glass cleaner to soak the dirt and then remove it more easily. If necessary, you can also add a dash of vinegar essence to the cleaning agent. However, you should be very careful when cleaning and it is best to use a telescope. With the right tool, you can easily reach larger areas and clean them thoroughly. You have the following options for a thorough cleaning of the glass roof:

  • use a pressure washer
  • cleaning by hand using a telescopic rod

The sealing and its advantages

A seal ensures that there is an invisible protective layer on the glass roof that protects against dirt, sun, wind and weather. The surface offers significantly fewer areas of attack for soiling of all kinds and for other weather influences. It stays clean and shiny longer. Even coarse soiling can be removed much more easily without cleaning agents.

How the glass surface can be sealed

Ideally, a seal ensures that the roof is practically cleaned by itself when it rains. This can be done, for example, in the form of a nano seal, which you can obtain from specialist retailers. But think about a thorough cleaning before sealing, so that you get a grease-free, clean and dry surface before the sealing is applied. The seal itself is done by applying the agent with circular movements and under moderate pressure. The surface is then polished again.