Build a house on a slope with a garage

Land on a hillside definitely has its advantages. You can enjoy a beautiful view if the area has not yet been built up so densely. However, building a house with a garage on a slope is often associated with circumstances.

Building on the slope and the special features

The sloping location often creates particular challenges during construction. So the foundation usually has to be built into the mountain, which makes more extensive earthworks necessary. Above all, this then applies when a larger building with adjacent garage should be built on the slope. At the beginning there is a detailed examination of the building plot by an expert in which, for example, a deposit of groundwater and the receptivity of the reason are determined. The condition of the subsoil also plays an essential role, because for example, a very stony substrate makes it difficult to lift the excavation.

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Further challenges in building on the slope

Have extensive investigations carried out to determine whether, for example, seeping rainwater has led to or has led to water-bearing soil layers (e.g. stratified water). can lead if the house is built on a slope. For example, if the path of the water leads directly to the residential building, it can accumulate on the rear shell of the building and press against the structure of the building. Special sealing and drainage of the water is necessary here. The building installations can possibly only be carried out with great effort.

How to build a house with a garage

Building a house on a slope can be done in different ways, as in the following examples:

  • provided the sloping site with a cellar
  • put the garage below the building (possibly in connection with a basement)
  • the construction of the house in the split-level construction method

The so-called split-level construction is a specially constructed building that compensates for differences in height with floors that are slightly offset in height. So it is not a classic structure with the individual floors, where the individual rooms are all on one level. The advantage of a garage on a hillside property is that it can be embedded very well into the property design and the roof can be used, for example, for a terrace above.