A synthetic leather sofa dissolves after a few years

It happens again and again and also affects products that cost several thousand euros. After a few years of use, the synthetic leather sofa simply dissolves without any extraordinary stress. The guarantee and warranty have then expired. Due to the structure of the material, this phenomenon cannot be avoided.

Slowing down possible, exclusion not

Anyone who buys an artificial leather sofa should always be aware that the durability and lifespan are limited. In a broader sense, all types of artificial leather are plastic. Elasticity and malleability are made possible by chemical plasticizers in the surface coating. Their evaporation is inevitable, which robs the material of stability and cohesion.

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The lifespan can be extended through care and protection. If the artificial leather crumbles or flakes off, the entry of the chair into "retirement age " can be registered. A few methods are helpful to slow down this development:

  • The surfaces of the artificial leather should be sealed regularly according to the manufacturer's instructions in order to reduce the rate of loss of the plasticizers
  • Cracks and holes should be repaired immediately after they appear
  • Special care products for plastics can have a positive effect on the elasticity and suppleness of the surfaces
  • Protective covers, blankets, pillows and covers reduce the "decay "
  • Strong temperature fluctuations and strong sunlight should be avoided at the location

Purchase criteria for the choice of material

When making a purchase decision, the limited lifespan of an artificial leather sofa should always be considered. A shelf life of more than five to eight years can only be achieved through constant use of protective covers or covers. Then of course the meaning and purpose of the imitation leather is limited.

Synthetic leather sofas cost between thirty and fifty percent less than cheap real leather sofas. This price advantage when buying is lost due to the limited service life. If real leather is out of the question for ethical reasons, for example, sofas with textile covers are the alternative.

Shiny cover fabrics in satin or silk quality create leather-like haptics and looks that are made entirely of natural materials. Care and maintenance are almost unlimited, as in most cases the covers can be removed and cared for and washed externally.

Tips & Tricks If you own an artificial leather sofa in dissolution, you can think about a permanent new cover if a high quality, well-preserved base exists.