Paint a sheet of copper

Like other metals, you can paint or paint copper. However, you need to prepare the copper for the paint to stick. Below are instructions for painting copper sheet.

The surface finishing of copper sheets

Basically, copper is also valued for its decorative effect, but this is not always desirable. So the oxidation, which goes into a deep brown and then into intense green, can even be disturbing. Especially with copper sheets on facades. Similar to brass (copper-zinc alloy), the shiny metallic brown effect can be obtained through a transparent varnish.

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Painting and dyeing due to different requirements

In addition, however, it is also customary to color existing or necessary copper sheets black on a roof, for example when solar collectors are used at the same time. The copper sheets are not necessarily mechanically coated with a lacquer. Chemical (galvanic and electrolytic) processes are mainly used here.

Painting and painting techniques for copper and copper sheet

Various techniques can be used to apply the paint to a copper sheet:

  • to paint (brush)
  • roll (foam roller or "mouse ")
  • spray (spray gun)

The specialist trade also offers the ideal product for every requirement. The most important thing is whether it should be decorative or whether other aspects such as mechanical or chemical (against acids or alkalis) influences should be fended off.

In addition, the range of paints and varnishes for copper ranges from high gloss to matt to transparent. Remember that due to the thermal expansion of copper due to large temperature fluctuations, frost and solar radiation, flexible paints are required for outdoor areas that do not tear when the copper sheet expands.

Preparatory work such as grinding

To remove any oxidation, but also to roughen the copper for painting, it must first be sanded. Medium-grain or grain-interspersed grinding wheels are suitable for this. In addition, you can also clean a copper sheet by pickling it. This is used, for example, when copper is to be chrome-plated.

Step-by-step instructions for painting copper sheet

  • Primer suitable for copper
  • suitable paint
  • Degreaser
  • suitable grinding tool
  • Roller or brush for painting

1. Preparatory work

First of all, the copper sheet must be prepared. To do this, grind the sheet metal and roughen it a little. Then you may need to clean it of grease stains (fingerprints). Ethanol (denatured alcohol) is ideally suited for this.

2. Priming the copper sheet

Now you can paint the copper sheet with the primer. Apply the primer evenly in a cross-coat. Now let the primer dry according to the manufacturer's instructions.

3. Paint copper sheet

The copper sheet can then be painted. The varnish is also applied again in the cloister. Two runs may be necessary. The copper sheet can then be polished if necessary and sealed with clear varnish.

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