Drill a hole in the bottom of a bottle without breaking the glass

Glass can also be drilled without any problems. However, you need to be patient and of course use the right tools. It can be useful if you practice drilling holes in glass surfaces before the actual project.

Drilling glass and what to watch out for

Drilling holes in glass objects such as the bottom of a bottle is not that difficult if you are patient and, above all, use the right tools. A hole in the bottom of a bottle can be drilled, for example, with a suitable glass drill, for example to make a special lamp or for other handicrafts. However, it depends on a few things whether and how you can drill the glass at all. Here are some of them:

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  • the type of glass used (rather unproblematic with a glass bottle)
  • the drill used
  • the correct use of the drill (48.00 € at Amazon *)
  • of course patience

How to do the best when drilling into a bottle floor

Use only a commercially available drill with a suitable glass drill. It is very important to work exclusively with a hardened drill, since only holes in glass surfaces can be drilled with such a drill. In the retail trade, you get simple drills for glass or ceramics as well as special diamond glass drills, with which such holes can be done without problems. Number safely go with a diamond glass drill consisting of a steel shaft with a circular tip, which was filled with diamonds or diamond clips. It is very important to use a suitable coolant when using this drill.

Glass drilling with patience and the right procedure

It is important for you to fix the bottle well or. hold, as otherwise you can slip off very quickly when drilling. Do not exert too much pressure on the material when drilling, otherwise the glass will break or. can splinter. In addition, you should not work at too high a speed. A speed of more than 400 revolutions / min is usually not necessary to drill a hole in the glass. Also remember to cool the drill sufficiently while drilling so that it does not overheat and wear out too quickly.