Repair a hole in the leather sofa

If a hole in the leather sofa is repaired immediately, it can continue to be used for many years without any problems. Depending on the extent, the leather can be contracted, glued with a bridging auxiliary tissue or have a patch. Important are clean crack edges to the hole edges to avoid aggravation.

Three common procedures

A hole or big crack in the leather sofa is functional a small problem. However, the risk of enlargement carries functional limitation. The biggest challenge is the visually inconspicuous repair. Some tools can reduce the abnonment of the repaired job when the cover does not allow enough room to draw the hole ".

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In general, there are three intervention options to close a hole relating to the leather sofa:

1. The leather is reefed and pulled together over the hole. The edges can be glued or sewn.

2. An auxiliary fabric can be placed under the hole in the pad or placed on top of the pad. It is filled and fixed with special glue or liquid leather.

3. Liquid leather completely fills the hole and develops a kind of rubber-like bridge. The size of the hole or crack is limited.

Use material reserves

If possible, the existing leather covering should be attempted to match. Almost all leather sofas have a kind of "hidden reserve" in their elasticity. With some types of covering, this can also be exposed by loosening the seams and buttons. Liquid leather with an adhesive effect or a sewn seam connect the then drawn together hole or tear edges.

How to fix a hole in the leather sofa

  • Liquid leather
  • Support fabric or
  • Patch
  • Leather thread
  • Leather scissors
  • Leather needle
  • spatula
  • Rag
  • Paper clips

1. Check edges

The edges of holes or tears must be straight and frayed to prevent them from spreading further. Uneven edges should be cut off smoothly.

2. Reefing

When there is play in the leather, it will be pulled together over the hole. Depending on the shape, it is then fixed with paper clips and then the opposite edges are sewn with the semicircular leather needle and leather thread.

3. Auxiliary tissue

Repair tissue is cut to the size of the hole plus such as centimeters of the fastening edge. It is inserted below the hole and coated with leather glue and / or liquid leather, depending on the nature of the padding.

4th. Liquid leather

According to the manufacturer, liquid leather is brushed into the hole with a spatula.

Tips & Tricks Some sofas allow you to make repairs as unobtrusive as possible if you let a leather bar run across the seat that extends from front to back.