An older freezer uses a lot of electricity - saving tips

After ten years at the latest, many household appliances are considered obsolete. A cost comparison with new devices shows whether the continued operation of an old freezer is still worthwhile. After all, freezers are among the largest consumers of electricity in the household.

Compare energy efficiency classes

A comparison of the energy efficiency classes shows, among other things, whether the old freezer can still be operated economically. If the older device corresponds to class A +, it requires up to 60 percent more energy on average than a comparable model in energy efficiency class A+++. Here it makes sense to replace the old model with a modern device, especially since a freezer is usually in operation around the clock.

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Save energy on the older device

  • Defrost as soon as ice forms
  • Set up in an unheated place
  • Avoid high humidity
  • Ensure good air circulation
  • Maintain door seals regularly
  • Store only well-cooled food
  • Always fill the freezer sufficiently

Determine power consumption on the device

With older freezers in particular, it is questionable how much electricity they actually use. You can easily measure consumption with an energy meter from the hardware store. Connect the meter to the freezer for 24 hours. Multiply the result by the 365 days of the year. Now you know exactly the annual consumption of your old device and can compare it with the electricity requirements of newer devices.

Old against new?

A comparison of the operating costs of the old freezer and the costs of a new purchase with a better energy class is usually in favor of the new device. If the older freezer is still working reliably, there are additional issues to consider. The continued use of the existing device saves raw material resources and thus the environment. Disposal may only be carried out by appropriately certified companies. To manufacture a new device, a lot of raw materials have to be processed with a high expenditure of energy. If you also include these facts in an overall calculation, it can be more advantageous to keep the old freezer until further notice.

Tips & Tricks All devices that generate heat or cold consume a lot of energy. This means that the freezer, along with tumble dryers, kettles, radiant heaters and refrigerators, is one of the biggest energy guzzlers. Proper operation, good care and regular maintenance help you save.