Make an almost transparent fly screen visible

Many manufacturers proudly emphasize how much light and air penetrates their fly screen, even though flies and mosquitoes do not fit through the narrow mesh size. Very fine threads allow this view. In everyday life it happens more often that closed fly screens are overlooked. Making it visible is possible and necessary.

Fine threads cause poor visibility

Regardless of whether it is installed inside or outside, a very fine grid can be almost invisible. This can get really uncomfortable with a full tray of hot drinks. But even simple tearing is very annoying, as the fly screen has to be patched or replaced.

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Most fly screens have mesh sizes between 1.2 and 1.4 millimeters. Most products have a thread size of 0.2 millimeters. High-quality threads are woven from as little as 1.3 millimeters. This leads to the pleasing, transparent appearance, which, however, has its pitfalls.

Simple optical pass-through protection


Small stickers and buttons can be applied to the fabric. They should definitely be chosen to be UV-resistant and have an adhesive side that does not lose its adhesive strength when exposed to heat.


The quickest way to spray on simple color markings. Care must be taken to ensure a thin color consistency so that no meshes stick together. Emulsion paints are well suited.

Hook in threads

Colored threads of thread can be hung into individual loops, which, like lamette, simply dangle on both sides.

Plan the rung

There are fly screens in frames that have a central rung to which an operating handle is attached. Often sliding doors do not have this rung. When planning your own construction or before buying, the visual visibility effect can be taken into account.

Design and layout

Weave in threads

Instead of simply hanging in individual threads, patterns similar to embroidery can of course also be sewn into the mesh fabric. Borders, flowers or geometric patterns decorate and protect.

Jewelry magnets

Not only magnets for attaching fly screens are offered in the trade. Two-part jewelry magnets are also available as passage protection. They consist of two counter magnets or an active magnetic side and a counterpart made of ferrous metal.

Tips & Tricks Fly screens are available in many colors. Darker colors such as gray or green are just as light and air permeable as white versions, but are much more visible.