Painting a shelf and how to do it

When looking to paint a shelf, you may want to redesign an old piece of furniture. Or maybe you want to paint it to remove any signs of use. There are various options for a new color scheme.

Repainting or redesigning furniture

If you no longer like an older shelf, you don't have to buy a new one straight away. A new coat of paint may do the trick to make the old shelf fit better in the apartment, especially if you've renovated the apartment. The effort is not so great to give the shelf a new color. However, you should already get the following things:

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  • Detergents and cleaning rags
  • Sandpaper
  • a suitable color (preferably water-based)
  • Paint roller and / or brush
  • masking tape if necessary
  • Protective film or old newspapers for the floor

The most important preparatory work

Before starting work, protect the environment in which the shelf will be repainted. This is especially true if the work is to take place in the apartment. If you only want to give certain parts of the shelf a new color, you should carefully mask the edge areas with masking tape. Be very precise with this work in order to get clean edges later. You may have to roughen the surfaces to be painted afterwards with sandpaper so that the new color will hold better. Make sure that you sand the surfaces as evenly as possible.

The painting work and how best to go about it

It is best to use a suitable brush for the small corners. You can paint the larger areas with a paint roller. It is best to first paint the corners and transitions to other areas in order to use the roller for the larger areas. You may have to apply the paint in two coats in order to achieve a consistent and even finish.

An individual color scheme for your shelf

With the help of a little paint and simple tools, you can give an older piece of furniture a new shine. You may also be able to achieve an interesting color scheme by painting individual areas in different colors. Just make sure that there is sufficient drying time between the individual work steps.