Build a barn door yourself and how you should proceed

In the case of an older building like a barn, it can happen that it needs a new door. In addition to being made by a specialist company, you also have the option of building a barn door yourself.

Build and install a barn door yourself

You can build a wooden barn door yourself, for example, if it is only a relatively small door that does not have to withstand any special requirements. However, if it is a larger wooden door and you do not have the appropriate specialist knowledge of wood construction, you should leave the construction to specialists so that the door will later have sufficient stability and be as light as possible. Essentially, it is about building a light and stable wooden gate that securely closes the barn and offers appropriate protection. The construction of such a gate is not magic, but shows a clever structure that you can also make yourself with the appropriate assembly instructions. The structure can be carried out, for example, as follows:

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  • Manufacture of a light yet stable frame construction with additional struts
  • Cladding of these wooden structures with matching wooden panels (e.g. plywood) on one or both sides
  • If necessary, the installation of a smaller door if it is a larger wooden door

How the construction of the wooden gate can be done in individual steps

First of all, there is a thorough planning so that you will later receive building instructions with all the necessary dimensions. Then the wooden slats for the construction of the frame must be cut and built into a frame. Then the cutting and assembly of the wooden boards takes place, which are then attached to the frame on one or both sides. Proceed in such a way that you first complete one side completely and then cover the second side with wooden boards. Now the hinges and of course the lock are assembled. With larger gates it can make sense to add a small door so that the gate does not have to be opened completely every time you want to go in or out of the barn.

Use a kit for the barn door

There are now also kits for barn doors or gates for other purposes, which can be assembled and assembled by yourself according to a complete set of instructions. If you do not trust yourself with the planning and the subsequent implementation or would prefer to leave these steps to professionals, you can also have such a kit sent to you. There are different types to choose from, such as classic swing gates or sliding gates. If necessary, seek advice from a specialist dealer which type of gate is suitable for your barn and what options you have to be able to install a suitable one as easily and inexpensively as possible. Today you get many simply constructed and easy to install swing gates or sliding doors, some of which are even equipped with electric drives.