A synthetic leather sofa has a limited shelf life

The durability of a sofa made of synthetic leather depends heavily on the intensity of use. Based on the daily frequency of a few hours, most sofas have a life expectancy of three to six years. Care and careful treatment will extend the period, including padding and seams.

Surface condition and conservation

While the frame and substructure can be repaired again and again and seams can be repaired, the condition and condition of the reference surfaces can hardly be revised. If the artificial leather flakes off or crumbles, further use can usually only be made with blankets and throws.

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In the worse case, the artificial leather will dissolve, but this is often due to lack of care or reckless use. However, from around five years of daily use, this phenomenon must be expected even with careful treatment.

Prevent plasticizers from escaping

Artificial leather consists of a surface coating made of plastic that always contains plasticizers. In order to make the artificial leather elastic, even special amounts of the plasticizers are necessary. Over time, these ingredients escape, which is not only harmful to health, but also makes the material brittle. This escape cannot be prevented entirely.

The preventive care of an artificial leather sofa includes regular prevention of these vapors. The surface is closed by special seals. The sealants have wear times, after which they are worn away by use. Depending on the intensity of use and the product properties, the intervals must be adhered to in order to prevent premature aging of the artificial leather.

Mechanical damage

As with all related materials used on surfaces, a balanced and spreading surface tension ensures overall stability. If the tension of the upholstery fabric is interrupted, as is the case with a tear, consequential damage is likely. All cracks and holes should be closed again immediately. The aids range from affixed repair tape to liquid leather tinctures.

Aggressive cleaning agents accelerate the aging of artificial leather. Accepting stains and soiling can add months to the life of the sofa cover.

Tips & Tricks Always have textiles ready to put under, such as blankets and pillows. With their regular use, you can keep the surfaces of your artificial leather for years to come.