A synthetic leather sofa can be cleaned without much effort

Synthetic leather is also so popular because it is very easy to care for. In principle, the plastic cover layer, similar to a mirror, only needs to be freed from dust and streaks and kept free. No contaminants can penetrate the plastic surface. Regular sealing of the surface increases the dirt-repellent effect.

Wiping and dusting

The adequate care of an artificial leather sofa is limited to regular dusting and wiping with a damp cloth. Any stains or other marks that do not go away in this way are damage to the surface.

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A pointed vacuum cleaner nozzle is useful for cleaning the folds, joints and crevices of the couch. A toothbrush is also suitable for removing dust. If greasy streaks have formed on the synthetic leather, for example through sweat, they can be easily removed with baby wipes. All kinds of grease-dissolving household cleaners are taboo.

Few tools are suitable for cleaning

If there are concrete stains on the synthetic leather sofa, it is a well-adhering and resistant film of dirt. They can be carefully manipulated with a few resources. The agents should always be allowed to act for at least ten minutes in order to loosen stuck dirt.

  • baking powder
  • Baking soda
  • Special cleaning agent for artificial leather
  • Baby wipes

Dirt that has been hit acutely should always be picked up dry immediately and wiped with a damp cloth. Here it is important to prevent the formation of a film of dirt by drying out. A white synthetic leather sofa doesn't need any other maintenance either.

Manufacturer specifications and tips for care

Comprehensive information and instructions from the manufacturer are usually intended to stimulate the purchase of expensive specialty products. In every form of manufacture, artificial leather is a plastic product with a closed surface. Only the adhesion of impacting polluting substances and dust can be influenced.

The regular sealing of artificial leather not only slows down the escape of the softeners and thus the increase in brittleness, but can also "slide off" dust and moisture. All other cleaning and care products are superfluous.

Tips & Tricks Apart from regular sealing, no special cleaning agent will help you. On the contrary, every time you clean, you run the risk of attacking the plastic top layer and becoming "more open" to subsequent dirt.