Put up a sun sail under a glass roof

An unshaded glass roof hardly invites you to stay in high summer when the sun is shining. One of the simplest and cheapest solutions to avoid heating up is a sun sail under the glass roof. The horizontal curtains, which are usually made of canvas, can fully replace an awning.

Sailing ships needed the same properties

If you want to create shade under a glass roof, you can choose a much cheaper option instead of an awning. This is due to the fact that awnings for construction under a glass roof are rarely offered with mechanical operation. A sun sail can be tensioned permanently and statically or have a mechanical operating technology with rope tensioning or rope pulls. Models with eyelets for hooking are also available.

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Modern canvas is made from synthetic fibers, which make up strong yarn that is tightly woven. They bring the following properties with them, which were just as indispensable in the original sails in shipping as they are today as awnings:

  • Elastic
  • Light weight
  • Dimensionally accurate and stable in shape
  • Tear-proof
  • UV radiation resistant
  • Weather and weather resistant

Suspension and fastening techniques

The awning can be stretched smoothly, hung horizontally or slightly diagonally. Hooks in the pane frame of the glass roof serve as a hook for elastic rubber bands, which are guided through punched metal eyelets at the corners of the awning.

The second popular fastening method is rope tensioning devices that allow the fabric to be gathered or reefed. The sun sails are hung on wires or in rails. A smooth surface of the cloth is formed by pulling it apart. When pushed together, the fabric folds up like an accordion through prefabricated intended folding points.

Costs and prices

Apart from the low material price, hanging or mounting the awning is very easy and quick. The solutions range from complete sub-tensioning of the glass roof to mounting on individual panes.

Models and variants simply hooked into elastic straps are already available for less than 100 euros. Movable folding models with a rope tensioning system are available in stores from around 120 euros.

Tips & Tricks In your research for a sun sail with tensioning technology, you will come across the smooth transition between tension awning and tension awning. A difference can often not be seen. For a comprehensive market overview, you should search under both names.