An accident killed Lina as she knew it - but giving up is out of the question for her

A serious accident almost took her leg and ruined her career as a personal trainer. But giving up is out of the question for the young woman from Hamburg.

Lina Bayer is an athlete through and through. She lives for her sport and for her career as a personal trainer. But an accident on 10. September 2015 turns her life upside down. The life she led up to this day is over, her fitness career probably ended.

On this fateful day in September, the 30-year-old was driving her Harley on a country road near Aschaffenburg when a car hit her head-on. Lina is thrown under the car. Her foot and knee are completely shattered. Doctors fight for Lina's right leg. They can save it in an emergency operation, but the injuries are serious.

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"When, as a personal trainer, you are passionate about your job, give 100 percent every day and then wake up in a hospital unable to move, it's tough. I had to learn what an external fixator means and what it feels like to have a compartment syndrome closed in his hospital bed every two days. You could almost say that the wheelchair was a relief for the bed ", Lina tells in an interview with gofeminin. "Suddenly my everyday life was no longer determined by motivation and ambition, it was pain that showed my limits. To accept that first was incredibly difficult."

Medicines are part of her new life from this moment on. The simplest movements become an almost insurmountable task. But Lina is fighting. In just two months, she managed to get out of the wheelchair and onto the crutches. Your will is great. "The motivation always comes from you. If I've given up, then I've already lost the fight itself, no matter what the situation is, "said the woman from Hamburg.

But the damage to the feet and knees is irreparable. Lina will probably never be able to work as a personal trainer again. "It is definitely in the room that I have little or no chance of doing my job again as it was, " says Lina. "What can be an alternative if you already had the dream job?"

After many months of rehabilitation, the progress Lina is making is now only small. Everyday life without a walking aid has been unthinkable so far. Her right foot is still threatening to stiffen. On 20. April Lina already had another operation. According to the doctors, it was successful. Lina won't know how successful for a few weeks. Until then she is tied to the bed again and is not allowed to move her leg. But it is their will and their fighting spirit that drive them. "The fight is decided in the head ", says the 30-year-old.

If you want to help Lina from Hamburg, share her story and support her in keeping her company going. At the moment she is acutely looking for everyday things - for example, a handicapped-accessible apartment or a car with an automatic transmission. In addition, she is still looking for the best specialists in debris, because she has not yet given up her dream job.

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