A wobbly and uneven pool table can be repaired

Due to its robust construction, a billiard table is well protected against damage to the substructure, the frame and the boards. The felt, the holes in the pool or carom table, screwed connections or the joints between individual playing boards usually need to be repaired. If possible, repairs should always be carried out by two people.

Limits to repairability

In the event of damage to the playing surface, it must first be ascertained beyond any doubt whether it is a panel defect or decomposed joint fillings. Fractures, cracks and / or holes in the slate force an exchange. A repair by filling and grinding in the damaged areas can only serve as a temporary measure.

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A dirty or damaged felt cloth can be repaired by re-covering the pool table. At most billiard tables, it is sufficient to lift the board mirror. A complete or further dismantling of the billiard table is not necessary.

Spare parts and accessories

Specialist dealers offer a whole range of spare parts and accessories that enable repairs. Classic helpers that also allow an old table to be improved and restored are:

  • Connecting screws
  • Hole collar (pockets)
  • Perforated nets
  • Gang ledges
  • Band rubber
  • Felt cloth
  • Band markings (diamonds)
  • Metal fittings for outer band edges and corners
  • Adjustable feet for the table legs

The felt cloth of the table top does not have to be removed to repair the board strips and to replace and renew the board rubbers. The inner boards are covered with their own felt panels.

Create new adjustment options

The retrofitting of the table legs with adjustable feet can also be carried out during a repair. In addition to the adjusting screws located under the plate or in the boards, the feet allow an extended option for aligning the pool table. This solution can bridge worn out or stiff adjusting screws and threads.

While the board mirror can be removed like a frame or in individual parts from the play plate and the substructure after the screws have been loosened, the board bars are often glued together. The inserted profiles or wooden dowels can be loosened by heating the groove with a hairdryer.

Tips & Tricks For each dismantling step, pay attention to the existing types of fastening and fixings. Repairing is always recapitulating dismantling in the opposite direction. As an aid, you can take photos after each individual work step, which you can use as "instructions " during repairs.