Gently clean a white leatherette sofa

Even if manufacturers and retailers do not emphasize it, buying a white synthetic leather sofa is bold and not without risk. The top layer is made of plastic, which is sensitive to dissolving biological and chemical substances. When cleaning, the choice of tools and the chance of success are limited.

Balance cleaning effect and material protection

The advantage of a white synthetic leather sofa over a variant made of real leather is the sealed surface. Typical edges caused by water or other liquids cannot occur. However, stains and signs of wear that are deposited on the surface are clearly visible and quickly annoying.

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When cleaning, the biggest challenge is to dissolve well-adhering dirt films with the greatest possible aggressiveness without attacking the plastic. Basically Tabu are the following ingredients:

  • solvent
  • Surfactse
  • Alkaline soaps and alkalis
  • Scouring particle
  • Fatty cleaning agent

Fast reaction and possible cleaning agents

Care and cleaning should be characterized above all from prevention and promptness. White surfaces are naturally extremely sensitive. When dirt arises, a quick reaction is often the crucial success factor.

Humidity and liquid foreign matter should be accepted immediately. The novel with a cloudy flap also removes contested in the fine structure of the surface contaminants. Dark traces and dry dirt stains can be edited with the following tools:

  • Water solution with surfactant-free mild detergent
  • Plastic cleaner
  • Baby wipes
  • Water solution with neutral soap
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Carry out a thorough pre-cleaning

Traces of distributed dirt quickly form on white surfaces. These traces can be fed by the impurities themselves or by other large-area foreign substances. As a first preparatory step, the invisible surface dirt film and dust should be removed with a loose general wipe before intensive individual cleaning is carried out.

When using re-coloring tools such as touch-up pens for artificial leather, effectiveness tests should be carried out on hidden test surfaces. Some dyes can be combined with detergents and create a kind of mixture between sealing dyeing, cleaning and spreading. This can bring about the desired visual result even without ultimately consistent cleanliness.

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