Building a wine rack from pallets is a good idea because of the dimensions

The multifunctionality of pallets as a base material for everyday and household items also includes a wine rack. The almost perfect distance between the two pallet levels means that a wine rack can be created simply by stacking them. Accordingly, individual parts that have been cut out can also be used.

Gap dimensions and bottle diameter

A Euro pallet consists of two levels that are held together by wooden blocks. The total height is 148 centimeters and the thickness of the respective wooden slats is 22 mm. Due to the transverse double battens on the top, this thickness has to be deducted twice. This creates a distance of 100 mm to the floor on which the pallet rests. If one of the extension battens on the underside runs parallel to the upper battens, a further 22 mm batten thickness must be deducted in the construction height. This results in a distance of 78 mm.

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This value is sufficient for the diameter of most common wine bottles with a capacity of 0.75 liters. Even if the winemakers are given great freedom in designing their products, the bottle diameter is usually less than 78 mm. When constructing a wine rack from pallets, the counter-free battens with a height of 100 mm can be used for "thicker" bottles. The largest diameter of the standard size wine bottles is 90 mm and fits on the bottle rack.

Standing and wall shelves

These basic dimensions give pallets the property of being able to be integrated in any part of a shelf construction. A pallet halved lengthways only needs a baseboard on the face opposite the cut side. After assembly, the pallet can be attached to a wall with the top to the front and the cut side up. Apart from the middle retaining block, three to four wine bottles can be placed on both shelves.

The perfect fit can also be used when dividing a pallet further. The front sides can be sawn off the pallet remainder lengthways as well as across the width of a lath. This creates rectangular and elongated hollow frames. Two frames placed one behind the other form a shelf that can be freely set up and stacked. A full pallet can be turned into a wall shelf by inserting intermediate shelves by attaching it to the wall with the top.

Long-term storage with bottle inclination

Wine bottle holders made of wood can also be built from pallet parts, which give the bottles an incline towards the bottle neck. This "rinsing" of the cork from the inside is particularly advantageous for long-term storage. The pallet slats can have holes drilled in at an angle. It is also possible to drill straight holding holes and incline the entire pallet.

Intermediate floors drawn into the pallet or parts of the pallet can be provided with holes into which wine bottles can be inserted upside down. The universal design options are expanded when slots are cut into the intermediate floors or pallet slats. They serve as glass holders by hanging the stemmed glasses upside down.

Tips & Tricks To get to know the almost unlimited design possibilities and construction ideas, enter the keyword "Wine rack made of pallets " under the image search on the relevant Internet search portals.