Prevent a Wespennest in the apartment before the origin

In rare cases, a Wespennest begins in the apartment. Mostly a chain of coincidences leads. A new Wespennest is founded by a single Wespenkönigin. Often the slot of this animal is the cause. Even rarer comes the wasp in the apartment. The chance of survival is low.

Two ways like a Wespenkönigin gets into the apartment

In rarely rare cases, a Wespenkönigin begins to build a Wespennest in an apartment or in a room. One of the following two opportunities must have been present to make this case:

1. The slowly falling in a winter-star-falling young queen is looking for a wintering place in the last few days after leaving your birth nest. It finds an open path to the apartment (through roller shutter box, leaf window frame, open window).

2. Frequently, young kings in columns of firewood, which is vacated in winter piece for piece to the fireplace in the apartment. Also the inlet by plants, which are brought to the apartment for overwintering, the Wespenkönigin enters the apartment.

Preventive measures

Open access to the apartment should be sealed from September. On the roller shutter box, a brush seal can close the gap between the window and the shutters. When plants and / or firewood is transported to the apartment, a brief visual inspection with a flashlight is sufficient. Especially on dark spots such as cavities and columns can be found a pupified queen.

Waspenkönigin discover and react correctly

The pupped Wespenkönigin is as large as it will later be as a flying insect, mostly between 15 and twenty millimeters long. The gray-white doll makes the shape of the wasp already easily recognize.

If it is still discovered outside, it can be carefully adhered to another place. It may be cold there and frost is not a problem. The place must be completely dry, as the doll otherwise moored.

When the Wespenkönigin was introduced unnoticed, she wakes up relatively soon from her rigid and flies off to look for wood and nectar. When the room is cooled down, you can easily capture the weanspes that are always carriers. Then she can be brought to a favorable place of a wooden box or metal can in hay or wood wool.

Tips & Tricks If you resettle a doll or a queen, make sure that you can leave your winter sleep bed in the spring.