Realize an attic as a roof border

The term attic is less common than the names of many other structural trades. An attic has developed into a widespread stylistic device in ancient Greek architecture, but may have been known in Mesopotamia a thousand years earlier. The roof border can be found in many designs.

Historically a windowless masonry or balustrade-like parapet

The basic form of the parapet consists of the extension of side walls upwards beyond the roof approach or edge. It hides the roof approach at the eaves or the entire roof in the case of a flat roof. In addition to the decorative effect, it also changes the rain drainage system on the "limited " roof.

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The roof with parapet can be a flat or a gable roof. The parapet takes the following positions depending on the roof shape:

  • At the verges that converge diagonally to the ridge as a concealing decorative element, often in stepped form
  • Wall part placed in front of an eaves that replaces the roof overhang
  • On a flat roof, a circumferential roof border in the form of a parapet or a kind of attached frame

In modern architecture, a raised roof border

The parapet has evolved and in many forms is more like an end frame or ring. The structure of the parapet in its current form is in most cases a roof border of a flat roof. The most typical example is an attic on the garage roof.

While in ancient times heights from around thirty centimeters were called parapets and low side wall elevations were referred to as cornices, today almost every type of raised roof border is called a parapet. Even low upstands of sheet metal that are only a few centimeters high already refer to contemporary architecture and the building industry as parapets.

The original form of the parapet was always a masonry as an extension of the masonry under the flat roof, the masonry gable or the side walls under the eaves.

Tips & Tricks In addition to edged sheets, you can also build a wooden parapet that is placed on the roof edge and clad. It can be designed separately, for example, with sheet metal or with a wood look, or it can be rendered identically to the underlying facades and side walls.