Brick up an attic classically with bricks

Historically, a brick parapet is the authentic construction method from antiquity. The parapet can be built entirely with solid bricks or consist of a concrete core with facing masonry. The production of bricks allows very different fires, which can be more or less suitable.

Factors, questions and indicators in planning

Burned bricks have a similar variability with regard to the mixture and the resulting properties as concrete. So it is easily possible to produce ideally suitable bricks for an attic.

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The following basic requirements and indicators must be taken into account:

  • Sitting the Attica on a roof and should be insulated?
  • If the Attica is a unshaste parapet (example roof balcony)?
  • Acts the Attica as a roof border?
  • Is the roof around a gable or flat roof?
  • Which thick or strength is supposed to get the Attica?
  • Consists of the wearing masonry under the Attica also made of bricks?

Choose the most appropriate brick format under the regional products

The construction of a brick Attema resembles the design with concrete. When it comes to the aesthetic and optical effects of brick surfaces, burned brick clinkers can be combined as zip of concrete. Note is the weight aspect. Bricks are burned with very different raw densities. They are between 1.4 and two kilograms per cubic dezimeter.

Bricks are burned in regionally different formats and sizes. Ten formats are common from and in Germany: Bavarian, thin, Elvish, Frisian, Hamburg, monastic, normal and imperial format in two sizes. In order to build a parapet that corresponds to the desired dimensions, the most suitable format can be selected.

Since bricks are walled up primarily because of their attractive appearance, the insulation must be "pulled up" on an attic on the inner wall. Composite systems for the transition, especially with flat roofs, must be created professionally.

Tips & Tricks When buying the right bricks, pay attention to their resilience and suitability for outdoor use. The hardest fired bricks can withstand weights of up to 500 kilograms per square centimeter. The strongest tiles are roof tiles, which work as a visually matching crown cover for your parapet as an alternative to sheet metal.