Build a simple wooden hut yourself: instructions

A simple wooden hut in the garden provides sheltered storage space and doesn't have to cost a lot. Those who get cheap construction timber and lend a hand themselves pay much less than for a prefabricated hut from the hardware store. A very simple construction is sufficient to meet all requirements for a practical and rainproof lockable shelter.

Hut with a sloping roof for rainwater to run off

Plan your hut with a sloping roof so that the rainwater can drain off well. Of course, the lowest point belongs to the back so that you don't have to walk through a waterfall in bad weather.

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The cheapest material for roofing is still the roofing felt, which can be nailed on and welded with the torch. It impresses with its long durability and great reliability.

This is how you build your own wooden hut!

  • Wooden beams
  • Wooden boards
  • Drive-in sleeves for the posts
  • Metal angle
  • Screws
  • Pond liner
  • Roofing felt (€ 16.48 at Amazon *)
  • Roofing felt nails
  • Door frame and door leaf
  • Floor slabs / floor boards
  • OSB panels
  • pencil
  • Spirit level
  • Folding rule
  • Cordless screwdriver
  • Drill (€ 48.00 at Amazon *)
  • Circular saw
  • hammer

1. Define dimensions

First, determine the dimensions for your wooden hut and draw a construction sketch. Your house has a square floor plan, a door at the front and a sloping roof.

2. Drive in the post

Now equip all four corner posts with drive sleeves and ram them into the ground. For better protection, the ends of the posts can also be set in concrete, for example in four buckets. The front posts should be about 4 to 8 inches longer.

3. Install cross struts

Now secure the side posts with cross connections, three pieces on each side (bottom, center and top), except for the front. There you have to set two door posts at the appropriate distance to the frame, which you connect to the corner posts with side struts.

4th. Lay out the floor

Now carefully cover the floor with pond liner, which you attach to the side of the lower cross braces. Then build a grid-shaped substructure onto which you can screw your floor panels or floorboards.

5. Close side walls

Now close all of the walls by sawing boards to size and screwing them onto the corner posts or crossbeams. Start at the bottom and work your way up.

6th. Build roof scaffolding

Connect the upper cross beams with other beams to create a load-bearing structure for the roof panels.

7th. Cover the roof with OSB panels

Now screw the OSB panels onto the roof structure so that they protrude a few centimeters at the edges.

8th. Cover the roof with roofing felt

Then apply the roofing felt to the roof. Use special roofing felt nails to attach and weld the seams with the gas burner so that no more water can penetrate.

9. Install the door frame and door

For the shot, install the door frame and then the door leaf: Have fun with the new, self-made wooden hut!

Tips & Tricks No question about it, wood needs an effective protective coating outdoors. We recommend painting the beams and boards thoroughly on all sides before installing them.