Wrap a bottle decoratively in foil

Hardly any other object is more suitable for decorative packaging with a film. A bottle has a "natural elegance" that can be enhanced and embellished by packaging. Transparent foils also ensure that the gift recipient's packaging is often left untouched until it is opened.

Keep content visible

Even a visually relatively "sober" bottle can be given an attractive decorative appearance with partially transparent or transparent film. The design options extend far beyond simple wrapping. Unlike other types of gift, the focus is not on "concealing " the content and creating a surprise effect.

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In most cases, bottles with special contents are given away or presented in some other way. For example, those who give away a wine bottle do not want to beautify the "everyday object" but also want to make the recipient happy with a special content. Wine lovers value vintages, locations and varieties. When wrapping with foil, these identifying features remain visible.

Basic form of impact

Gift foils are available in a wide variety of colors from clear to dark. The selection increases if "foreign" foils such as tablecloths or bags are also included in the considerations.

The packaging film for a bottle is cut into a circle. After placing the bottle on the center of the film, the film is pulled up all around. The film is tied at bottle neck level or above the bottle head. The automatic wrinkling of the film is created by "plucking it into shape".

Additions to the packaging

The "baggy" attached film allows decorative elements to be added in the bag or on the outside. Possible applications are:

  • Homemade bottle labels
  • Decoration of the bottle by sticking or painting
  • Several levels of connection, possibly with loops
  • Lay two or more transparencies on top of each other
  • Combine two or more foils in strip form (semicircles, circular chords or sector)

Three-dimensional decoration

The partial or complete filling of the space between the film and the bottle opens up many other design options. The following can be used as filling material:

  • Plastic beads
  • Glass beads
  • Decorative sand
  • Dry noodles and pasta
  • Dry nuts (beans, peas, chickpeas, lentils)
  • Styrofoam elements from the hobbyist's needs, can also be painted
  • Battery operated mini LED light
  • Dried petals
  • Raisins or olives shrink-wrapped in plastic bags
Tips & Tricks If you choose an elaborate and pressure-sensitive bottle decoration, an open "display box " or a bottle-shaped gift basket will help keep the arrangement in place until it is handed over.