Drill a hole in a glass bottle

A hole can be drilled in a glass bottle without damage if several physical properties and behaviors are observed. In addition to the right drill, drilling speed and anti-slip protection are decisive factors. The empty glass bottle should also be exposed to stable outdoor conditions.

Carbide or diamond drill bits

Bottle glass is a very hard material. If it is to be pierced or cut, the drilling or cutting tool must be made of an even harder material. A carbide drill is the cheaper alternative to a diamond drill. However, a carbide drill can become blunt. Depending on the intended hole diameter, two or more drill sizes must be used.

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The "opening hole" should be made with a drill bit size of about one millimeter plus / minus 0.2. Afterwards, the jumps in diameter up to the target size should not exceed five millimeters. For a hole in the glass bottle with a diameter of one centimeter, three drill holes are ideal.

How to drill a hole in a glass bottle

  • Masking tape
  • Carbide or diamond drill bits
  • Drill (€ 48.00 at Amazon *) with slow speed setting
  • Storage aid such as carton or box
  • Respiratory protection and protective goggles
  • Polishing attachment pin

1. Cover the borehole

On the area in which the drilling is to be made, stick masking tape as a starting aid and slip protection. Alternatively, you can use a piece of cardboard for this.

2. Fix the bottle

When the drill hits the bottle, there is a relatively strong force. Fix the glass bottle in such a way that it cannot slip as a whole and is also secured against turning away. Here, too, tape can help.

3. Pre-drilling

Place the pre-drill (0.8 to 1.2 mm) on the cross-shaped marked drilling point and start drilling at a slow speed of around 400 revolutions per minute. The slower the drill rotates, the lower the risk of breakage and cracking.

4th. Cooling breaks

Keep putting down to let the drilling site cool down. You can accelerate the cooling process with sprayed cold water.

5. Drill out the target size

Drill the small pilot hole in the same way, depending on the target size, with a stronger drill bit.

6th. Clean the inside edge

With a pen-shaped polishing attachment, you can remove the microscopic chips on the inner edge of the drill hole.

Tips & Tricks If you drill a hole in the glass bottle through which a drink will later be directed, be sure to put a protective collar on the edge of the hole.