Unhook a front door

One or the other reader who came across this page by chance will surely ask why a guide is needed to hang up a door. These readers then have conventional apartment doors in mind. But explicitly the newer front doors cannot simply be removed. You really have to expand this.

How a front door is hung depends on many factors

Anyone who has ever wanted to hang up a newer front door could know the various difficulties that can arise when expanding. Because just hanging out, as with a normal apartment door, is not possible with many front doors. Depending on which front door it is, removing it can even be complicated:

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  • depending on the age of the door
  • depending on the security standards
  • depending on the manufacturer of the door hinges or. Door hinges
  • depending on the age of the door hinges
  • depending on the material used (wood, light metal, plastic, composite)

Remove doors with metal frames

Doors with a metal frame in particular seem at first glance to be equipped with ordinary door hinges. But on closer inspection you can see a countersunk screw on the metal frame. This screw has to be turned before the door can be lifted off its hinges.

Extend house doors with modern door hinges

With the newer door hinges, it does not matter whether they are two or three-part, the fastening is always the same. The door hinges are covered with a housing made of plastic or light metal. First of all, you need to remove this cover. To do this, it may be necessary to remove the plastic lids above and below the cylindrical hinges.

Loosen the fittings, reinstall

Just as you have to remove this cover to adjust the hinges. After you have been able to remove the cover, you can see the fastening screws for the fittings. These are now simply solved. If you want to reinstall the front door later, proceed in the same way as when removing it, but in reverse order.

Tips & Tricks If the front door is to be hung up, there are usually practical reasons. For example, if a new floor has been laid and the door suddenly jams on the floor. Although the door can be raised approx. 8 mm using the setting options, this is often not enough. Then the only alternative is to shorten the front door.