A wooden stair construction with or without metal components

A wooden stair construction consists entirely of wood or is combined with metal components. Whether it is a wooden or a metal staircase determines the proportion and conspicuousness of the two materials in the overall construction. Almost all known and conceivable types of stairs can be implemented in both variants.

Flight of stairs and cheeks

The dominant factor in choosing the right wooden staircase construction is its location and route. In most cases, wooden stairs are installed indoors as a connection between building floors. Depending on the structural specification of the staircase, a straight line, a half-wired or a complete wood coil staircase is selected.

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With lateral attachment of the individual stages by hanging up, cheek stairs made of wood are widely used. The construction of a cheek staircase can be closed by triding and setting stages or be openly constructed by the waiver of set stages.

Holm stairs with and without podium

With a staircase without cheek supports and stores one or two staircars the tread and / or set stages. In this case, the steps can be stored on a central center carnival or worn on two sides from a two-pollen staircase structure.

Depending on the structural conditions and the incline and route to be bridged, a wooden staircase can be provided with one or more intermediate landings. A wooden stair construction can also form a stair portal that can be created by cone or pyramid shapes.

Combinations with metal

Often wooden stair constructions are combined with metal, steel or concrete. Typical substructure variants for wooden stairs are:

  • Stile stairs with steel spar girders
  • Flat steel stringer stairs
  • Fully clad concrete stairs
  • Spiral stairs with metal body and wooden steps

Variants in which the material dominates are perceived as wooden stair construction. For example, banisters can have a large part in determining whether the staircase is referred to as a wooden structure.

Special constructions

  • Attic stairs to fold up or as a slide-in staircase
  • Space-saving economy stairs such as Samba stairs
  • Closed stairs with storage space under the steps
  • Bolt stairs with steps loosely mounted on the wall on one side
Tips & Tricks With a one-sided wooden or flat steel stringer, attractive bolt stairs can be implemented. Get advice from stair construction companies.