Cut a cold foam mattress

You bought a new bed, but the old mattress is too big? Or you want your old cold foam mattress for a different area of use, e.g.B. use a camping bed or something similar? Learn how to cut your cold foam mattress below.

The structure of a cold foam mattress

A cold foam mattress consists of a foamed plastic core that is surrounded by a protective layer both above and below. The mattress is enclosed by a sewn-in cover and often by a removable mattress cover.

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Can you cut a cold foam mattress yourself??

The cold foam mattress has no metal parts and is entirely foamed, so it is theoretically possible to cut it. However, if you have a multi-zone cold foam mattress, you should not shorten it in length if possible, otherwise you will shift the zones and create a strange sleep feeling.

What can you use to cut a cold foam mattress??

There are several tools that can be used for cutting a cold foam mattress, as long as they are sharp enough. Both blades with teeth and smooth blades can be used here, for example:

  • Cutter knife (€ 5.99 at Amazon *)
  • long bread knife
  • electric bread knives
  • Handsaw
  • sharp, long kitchen knives

Cut the cold foam mattress step by step

  • Meter rule or something similar
  • Felt pen or something similar
  • one of the cutting tools mentioned above
  • sewing machine

1. Take off the mattress cover

If your mattress has a mattress cover, you should remove it first. You can continue to use it after cropping by bringing it together with safety pins or bringing it to the desired size with the sewing machine.

2. To prepare

Measure the mattress exactly and mark the interfaces with the felt tip over the entire length of the mattress. Work very closely and in case of doubt rather a little less.

Then put your mattress on a substrate you can not harm, so you u.U. accidentally available.

3. Cut

Then carefully cut the upper layer. Try to cut as much as possible and without cutting over the entire length, even if the cut is not deep. This cut serves as orientation and should be as perfect as possible.

4. To cut

Cut or saw the entire mattress thickness.

5. sew

Your cold foam mattress is now "naked " on one side. You can use the fabric from the cut piece and sew it on the bare spots, or choose another fabric of your choice. If you don't mind the bare area, you can leave it as it is, especially if you are using a mattress cover.