Painting a dresser without sanding it first

A chest of drawers in a good state of preservation can wear fresh paint even without prior sanding. Some types of paint are even particularly well suited to be applied to clean, but unfinished surfaces. In some cases, painting supports the intended effect, especially for shabby chic and vintage styles.

Decide on the condition of the surfaces

Chests of drawers in the living area often show hardly any signs of use, for example when they are used to store clothes and laundry in the bedroom. The coated, varnished or glazed surfaces can often be painted directly.

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Classic examples of surfaces that can be easily painted without sanding are the two IKEA dressers Hemnes and Malm. The furniture coated at the factory has most of the colors and varnishes on it. To be on the safe side, an adhesive primer can also be applied in preparation.

Colors that adhere well without sanding

The following types of color, which are often used for effects such as shabby chic and vintage, are "happy" even on smooth and unprocessed surfaces:

  • Colored wood wax
  • Lime paint (€ 14.49 at Amazon *)
  • Chalk paint

Requirements such as freedom from grease and dust

No paint or varnish can stick to a smooth, unsanded surface if the following conditions are not met:

  • Completely free from grease (wash off thoroughly with alcohol, vinegar or washing-up liquid)
  • Completely dust-free (wipe with an electrostatic duster and avoid drafts when painting)
  • Check the intact surface, which must be free of cracks and holes that go beyond a hairline crack

The problem with painting without sanding can be the lower opacity of the paint. If, for example, very dark surfaces are painted much lighter, shadows that look like stains are not uncommon. In these cases, a short sanding with 250 grit should be carried out beforehand.

Tips & Tricks Some resourceful do-it-yourselfers recommend a somewhat amazing method of creating a durable coat of paint on a mirror-smooth surface. Get hold of some spray adhesive and spray it evenly on the surfaces to be painted. With a brush you apply a first thin layer of paint or varnish in a relatively watery consistency. In this way you have created a kind of adhesion promoter yourself, which after drying easily takes on further coating layers.