Adjust the height of a plastic door correctly: This is how it works!

The plastic door is constantly dragging across the floor and may have left nasty scratches in the process? Perhaps it is hanging too high so that the wind whistles through the lower gap and cold air flows into the room. Regardless of whether you have a plastic door or one made of wood or aluminum: each door leaf can be adjusted in height. We show how it works best.

How to prepare to adjust the plastic door

First of all, you need free access to the adjusting screws on your door in order to be able to adjust the height. These are usually built into the hinges if your door is more recent.

Look where the adjusting screws are in your case and, if there is no doubt, consult any construction or operating instructions. Attention: With old door models it can happen that no adjusting screws can be found.

In that case, it's probably better to resort to a professional handyman and ask them to move your door higher or lower. Because: This task is quite complicated.

Instructions: You set the height of your plastic door

  • screwdriver
  • Allen key
  • small work manager

1. Remove covers

The first step is to remove the covers that cover the vertical adjusting screws. Check the hinge ends that connect to the door frame, this is where they should be. You may have to loosen a clamping screw there first.

2. Adjust the adjusting screw at the bottom

In the next step you take the Allen key. This allows you to move the adjusting screws. Turn the screw on the lower hinge clockwise to lower the door panel and the other direction to raise the door panel.

3. Adjust the adjusting screws at the bottom

Finally, to properly adjust your plastic door, turn to the top hinge. The same directions of rotation apply here. Make sure that the weight of the door leaf is evenly distributed over both hinges at the end. And done.

Tips & Tricks You can also use washers to adjust the height, which are used to raise your plastic door a good bit in a safe way.