Painting a plastic door: Tips and tricks for success

Plastic doesn't exactly have the reputation of being easy to paint over. Nevertheless, there is the possibility of coating the material with a lacquer and thereby transforming it optically permanently. It is important to choose the right paint and to prepare the substrate carefully. Of course, a good helping of craftsmanship can't hurt either. And then: fresh to work!

Which type of paint should I use for my plastic door??

Choose a type of paint that is expressly suitable for painting plastics. This is not the case with most "normal" paints - and wall paints certainly do not belong on plastic surfaces.

Various 2-component paints, however, can hold onto plastic. As the name suggests, you have to mix these from two different components. The coating then cures chemically. Alkyd resin and polyurethane paints can also be suitable for painting a plastic door.

Quick guide: Here's how to paint your plastic door

First remove the door leaf and unscrew all hinges and handles. Place it on two wooden trestles that you have previously equipped with soft cushions.

Now you first have to completely degrease the door with nitro thinner. Alternatively, you can also use a suitable household cleaner, but all residues of the agent must always disappear before painting.

Now sand the surface of the plastic door completely with fine-grain sandpaper. It's about roughening the surface so that the paint has a better hold. Finally, remove the dust thoroughly, then you can finally paint.

  • Stir the varnish carefully
  • Fill it into a dosing bowl
  • First, pick up the brush
  • Paint the edges and corners
  • Now grab the paint roller
  • Roll out all surfaces neatly
  • Be careful not to create any imperfections
  • Apply little pressure to prevent streaking
  • Let it dry and paint it again if necessary
  • Then treat the other side in the same way

Paint plastic door with window

If your plastic door is equipped with a window, you should first carefully cover this with painter's tape before you start painting. This keeps the window clean.

Tips & Tricks A high-quality ring brush has the option of storing color inside. That is why you can paint with it for a long time without making a mess. In addition, edges can be trimmed surprisingly well with a ring-shaped brush.