A copper gutter brings a touch of luxury

The reddish shimmering gutters made of copper are considered a luxury. They show a typical patina after a few years, this protective layer makes them even more durable. Of course, the longevity and maintenance-free factors also have their price, but it pays off over the years.

The advantages

The relatively high acquisition costs of a copper gutter should not alone be decisive when choosing the material. Longevity, quality, maintenance-free, insensitivity to environmental influences and acid resistance are the advantages that copper offers.

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Just in case

A copper rain gutter can be adapted to all conditions in the house, cleaning and checking once a year is sufficient. This fabric is also recyclable.

Copper channels are available in a semicircular shape, as box channels or as semicircular reclining channels. Accessories such as gutter angles, downpipes, hanging sockets, expansion compensators and gutter brackets are also available from the manufacturers.

One- and two-family houses are equipped with semicircular rain gutters in sizes RG 125 and 100, box gutters RG 70 are recommended for garden houses, canopies around garages. The downpipe is chosen according to the gutter size.

Assemble yourself

In the meantime, systems are also on the market that no longer have to be soldered and welded by a specialist, but are put together by plugging. Various tools are required such as a drill (€ 48.00 at Amazon *), hacksaw, hammer and tape measure as well as pliers for bending.

Copper gutters

  • extremely durable
  • insensitive to external influences
  • very resilient
  • visually appealing
  • Can also be assembled quickly and easily by DIY enthusiasts

Prices for copper gutters from internet providers

  • At the building materials shop.de the running meter of copper gutter, 7-part with a diameter of 127 mm, costs 21.37 euros.
  • At hoba building materials.com there is a copper gutter, 3 meters long for 68.87 euros each.
  • Hbw trade.de offers a semicircular 3-meter channel made of copper for 63.37 euros.
  • roofing market24.de has copper gutters in its range. The price for a 10-part 200 mm gutter is 22.70 euros, the 6-part 200 mm gutter is 35 euros.
Tips & Tricks Copper reacts in connection with other metals. It is recommended to use only one metal on the roof. Otherwise there is a risk of corrosion, which will affect the service life of the rain gutter. The combination with steel, lead or aluminum should be avoided if possible.