Build a lamp yourself out of bottles

There are two ways of building your own lamps from bottles. The bottle can be used as a lamp or as a lamp base. In addition to light bulbs, LEDs are grateful alternatives as light sources. Your low dimensions allow insertion into the interior of the bottle without opening the bottle body.

Bottles as a lamp foot

Bastel trafficking are loose lampshades with matching wire holders. They can be placed on the bottle neck. As fixing aids, screw-in clamps or acrylic bodies can serve. For cable guides through the inside of the bottle, a hole must be drilled.

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In order to secure the stability of the lamp, a podium-like substructure is possible. A often inconspicuous stabilization to be achieved with less effort is the complain of the bottle of inside. Decorative sand, decorative pearls, rice or pebbles create sufficient stability from a height of about one centimeter. Instructions for making many variants can be found on relevant online portals for DIY.

Bottles as a closed luminous body

If lamps are installed in the bottle, the resulting lamps can be hung or set up. For the simplest type of construction, LEDs can be used. There are small light-emitting diode heads, as they are known, for example, from fairy lights for parties and Christmas decorations. With suitable bottle neck diameters, shorter chains can be "stuffed" into the inside of the bottle.

Individual LEDs that can be hung in the bottle are also available from handicrafts and electronics retailers. Due to the low heat development despite the sometimes astonishing brightness output, luminous bodies can be realized without cutting and opening work.

Opened bottles as illuminants

To use the bottle as a lamp or lampshade with a light bulb, it must be opened. Typical approaches are:

  • Halve the bottle
  • Remove the bottom from the bottle
  • Glass bottle cut lengthways
  • Melted glass bottle

Both individual parts can be used for lamp construction when the bottles are opened crosswise. Depending on the height of the cut, the bottle neck or the cup-shaped counterpart can form the lampshade.

A light bulb thread is mounted freely hanging inside the bottle. With the existing bottle neck opening at the top, the power cable serves as a holder, which can be fixed by corking or gluing. To ensure the required load capacity, a two- or three-core cable should be selected with protective coat.

Tips & Tricks In addition, attractive deco effects, you can generate changeable suspension in height. In particular, a pulley ensures stepless movement of the lamp.