A rain gutter made of plastic is the inexpensive alternative

Good roof drainage is essential for a building. It should be functional and resistant to environmental influences and weather conditions for many years. In addition, a quick and easy installation should be possible and the corresponding accessories may not be missing.


Plastic gutters are durable and easy to process. Modern rain gutters systems brings UV radiations, harmful environmental materials as well as wind and weather. They are extremely stable and have a special shape that prevents the overflow of rainwater.

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Easy construction

Who wants to protect his house from damage to foundations and walls, must provide a sufficient drainage of the roof. Who wants to lay his gutter self, chooses as a material best plastic. Specially prepared plastic rain guts have high thermoplastic properties and are also environmentally friendly.

The different providers have different solutions on offer. Easy to process are gutters made of impact-resistant plastic, which are simply plugged into each other without gluing or soldering.

Selection of dimensions

Plastic rain troughs are available in different dimensions, gutters with 100, 125 or 150 mm are available. The right size is selected according to the roof surface.

Gutters 100 are suitable for roofs up to 50 sqm, gutters 125 for drainage areas from 50 to 100 sqm, gutters with 150 mm are used for areas of more than 100 sqm.

In the meantime, a rain gutter made of plastic is no longer just brown, colors such as gray, graphite, copper or silver optics are also available.

The advantages of a gutter made of plastic are obvious

  • Inexpensive in price
  • To be carried out by the do-it-yourselfer
  • Color, temperature and UV resistant
  • Impact-resistant and dimensionally stable
  • Long lifetime

Prices and providers

For a gutter made of plastic, a price of EUR 3.40 per running meter is to be expected with a dimension of 100 mm. Whole gutter sets for z.B. Garden houses cost 30 euros for a pent roof and 40 euros for a gable roof.

The following providers can be found on the Internet

  • Gutter specialist.de, for special roof shapes garden houses
  • Sample sheets.net, a provider of plastic gutters
  • Hornbach.de, the online shop of the well-known hardware store
Tips & Tricks If you are not sure which diameter to choose for your gutter, you will find calculation tables on the Internet that show the exact dimensions based on the base area.