Professional removal of a clogged pipe: What are the costs?

A pipe blockage can be very annoying - and sometimes it cannot be resolved with the usual budgetary means: a case for the sanitary expert. But what does this service cost?

These are the price factors!

An important cost factor in clearing a pipe blockage is the process used. Sometimes complex measures are required, which of course have their price. The sanitary specialist has these options to clear the blockage!

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  • Pipe flushing: An increased flow rate pulls deposits with it.
  • mechanical cleaning: scrub pipes free with a spiral or sponge rubber.
  • chemical cleaning: loosen stubborn deposits with chemicals.
  • thermal cleaning: drain and heat pipes, then rinse

The skilled person will first analyze the situation before deciding on a procedure. Cost-determining are then effort, working hours and also the regional price structure.

What are the costs of a pipe blockage??

If the clogged area is easily accessible and can be opened chemically or mechanically without great effort, then calculate about 50 to 100 EUR for your pipe cleaning.

In the case of stubborn blockages, the sanitary specialist needs more time and may have to dry out the sewage system. For a professional pipe flushing or heating with subsequent flushing, costs of several hundred euros can be incurred.

A concrete cost example

There is an acute pipe blockage in a single-family house: the water no longer drains off in the sink, the problem must be behind the siphon. The sanitary specialist first uses his cleaning spiral, then chemicals. After an hour the pipe is free.

Cost overview price
1. Directions 35 EUR
2. Hourly wages 55 EUR
3. Chemicals 10 EUR
total 100 EUR

This prevents pipe clogging!

Regularly flush your pipes with hot water and avoid throwing toiletries in the toilet! Place a filter screen on each sink.

Tips & Tricks If tenants are not responsible for their pipe clogging, the landlord usually bears the costs! Owners can likely get their home insurance reimbursed for the costs.