Build a sand filter pump yourself

Sand filters are very efficient filters, but they also come at a price. Therefore, building a sand filter system yourself can be worthwhile. But the sand filter pump can also be integrated with your own resources. Building a sand filter pump yourself will probably not work, but installing a cheaper alternative will.

Widely used due to numerous advantages

Sand filter systems have a number of advantages. These advantages are so valued that for many operators of systems in which water has to be filtered, the question "sand filter or cartridge filter" does not even arise:

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  • very low maintenance
  • hardly any maintenance costs
  • manageable operating costs
  • efficient filter performance

Good sand filter systems are expensive for this

But with all these advantages, there is also a drastic disadvantage with sand filter systems: in particular, high-quality systems with acquisition costs between 2.000 and 3.000 euros anything but a bargain. So it is definitely worth building a sand filter yourself.

Components of a sand filter system

However, if you look at the components of a sand filter system, there are still some components that are still relatively expensive to buy. Therefore, the following are the most important components of a sand filter system:

  • Sand filter (sand filter kettle or sand filter housing with the filter medium)
  • Multi-way valve (4- or 6-way valve)
  • Sand filter pump

You don't build a sand filter pump yourself, but inexpensive alternatives

Even experienced do-it-yourselfers who build the filter tank themselves like to use parts for components such as valves and pumps that are clearly labeled as sand filter pumps or sand filter pumps by the relevant manufacturers. Reusable valve for sand filter systems must be declared.

A conventional suction pump is usually used as the sand filter pump. However, so that the sand filter system you have built yourself runs as independently as possible, you should not choose the first suction pump to use.

Delivery rate of the pump

First, the delivery rate must correspond to the filter size. Pumps that are too powerful are often used, which then unnecessarily increase the pressure in the sand filter system. So make sure that the pump has a delivery rate that is well adapted to the filter data.

It should be a self-priming sand filter pump

In addition, it is of course a significant relief if it is a self-priming sand filter pump. Because sand filters are usually switched on for eight hours a day. The water in a pool should be completely filtered once within four hours. All the water should pass through the filter twice in one day - hence the eight hours a day.

So that you don't have to fill the system with water first, a self-priming water pump is definitely worth it. Not every day throughout the entire season of the year will you find the time to bleed the pump in advance so consistently.

Pumps with or without a pre-filter

Depending on the type of pump you are using, you should also consider adding a pre-filter on the pump. There are corresponding suction pumps that are equipped with such a pre-filter. The only task of this pre-filter is to keep too large parts of the water from flowing through the pump. The filter size is based on the recommended ball size for the flow.

Why you can save so much money with your own sand filter pump

A pump that is explicitly offered as a sand filter pump does not make sense in terms of price if you build it yourself, since such pumps behave like other products. Terrace roofs are on the one hand very expensive, but on the other hand carports are very inexpensive. Often it is even the same product, but under a different name. In this way, a "special" sand filter pump can also achieve a higher profit than a conventional suction pump in the same performance class.

Tips & Tricks Of course, you can also maintain the sand filter system yourself. In the house journal you will also find valuable advice on how to clean a sand filter, for example.