Clad a barn with wood and what options are there for it

If you want to clad a barn with wood, rely on traditional cladding of structures, which is also durable and looks particularly beautiful. There are several ways to professionally implement this project.

Install or remove a wooden paneling. implement

Wood is considered a natural and lively material and radiates a corresponding heat and comfort. This material is therefore also used in the construction sector. If you want a barn with wooden cladding, you have different ways to beautify the outer facade of the building with the help of wood. Wood offers numerous advantages. It can be processed very well and is very durable when it was equipped with a sufficient wood protection. Finally, it should be considered that the wood is much less protected on the façade than, for example, under the roof. But even here, the wood can achieve a long service life when the wood paneling is proposed properly and ensured for appropriate protection. This protection can be done in different ways, including as follows:

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  • through a chemical wood preservative (wood preservative)
  • a constructive wood protection
  • Protection against permanent moisture

What is important for constructive wood protection

First of all, it is a matter of protecting the facade from direct effects of rain and splashing water and of letting the moisture that is generated drain off as quickly and reliably as possible. This is best done with an adequately dimensioned canopy. If this is not possible, for example due to the existing construction of the barn, you should at least ensure that the resulting moisture and the penetrated rainwater can flow away unhindered and that this does not result in permanent damage from moisture. The substructure should also be protected from moisture penetrating through rainwater.

For assembling the cladding made of wood

Façade cladding is often done by fastening with stainless steel screws, with the cladding being divided into individual and prefabricated elements. These are relatively elegant, but also somewhat more complex solutions. If you want things to be a little less complicated, it is better to rely on the visible assembly, whereby the screwing of the wooden elements should best be done with screws made of stainless steel, as these do not corrode even in the weather and can later leave ugly stains on the wooden surface.